Neelam Hussain read English Literature at the universities of Punjab, Leeds and Sussex and taught
English at Kinnaird College for over 22 years. She left Kinnaird in 1995 for Simorgh Women’s
Research and Publication Centre as editor, writer and translator. She has written children’s rights-
based stories for the Kaleidoscope/Phuljhari Human Rights Readers as well as conceptualized and
produced tri-lingual primary school readers, Larrian to promote mother-tongue learning and
language acquisition skills for children. She has co-edited Engendering the Nation State, Politics of
Language and was country editor for Disputed Legacies – The Pakistan Papers (Zubaan regional
series on Sexual Violence and Impunity). Currently she is Professor of Practise at SOAS London, and
senior editor for a socio-legal journal, “Bayan”. She has compiled and annotated a book of Punjabi
folk tales, The Romance of Raja Rasalu and Other Tales as well as translated Zaheda Hina’s Na
Janoon Raha Na Pari Rahi (All Passion Spent) and Khadija Mastur’s Aangan (Inner Courtyard).
Forthcoming publications include “A Squint in the Eye – gender bias in the media – a resource book
and guide for media workers” and Feminist Theory and Women’s Movements – An overview.